Residential Remodels

The house remodel is a design challenge that requires an Architect to be a good listener and to be very creative. The balance between esthetic design and a cost effective solutions are made by the Architect throughout this process with the input and desires of the Owner. I have been designing remodels for over thirty years and it gives me great pleasure seeing how a remodel can enhance and add tremendous value to a home.

  • Cafferty remodel

    Cafferty remodel

  • Dimmico addition Hermosa Beach

    Dimmico addition Hermosa Beach

  • Feeder remodel Santa Monica

    Feeder remodel Santa Monica

  • Heney addition Thousand Oaks

    Heney addition Thousand Oaks

  • Hornbuckle remodel Westlake Village

    Hornbuckle remodel Westlake Village

  • Kaiser remodel Los Angeles

    Kaiser remodel Los Angeles

  • Kasarjian remodel Camarillo

    Kasarjian remodel Camarillo

  • Kushner remodel Thousands Oaks

    Kushner remodel Thousands Oaks

  • Murnane addition

    Murnane addition

  • Oswalt remodel Thousand Oaks

    Oswalt remodel Thousand Oaks

  • Sara Omeara Chappel Woodland Hills

    Sara Omeara Chappel Woodland Hills

  • Sullivan remodel Westlake Village

    Sullivan remodel Westlake Village

  • Whinn remodel Los Angeles

    Whinn remodel Los Angeles

  • White remodel Thousand Oaks

    White remodel Thousand Oaks

  • White remodel Thousand Oaks

    Powell remodel Thousand oaks

  • White remodel Thousand Oaks

    Holtz remodel and addition